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Unveiling Masonic Progress: Highlights from Freemasons New Zealand Special Communication 2023

Freemasons New Zealand Special Communication 2023: A Remarkable Gathering of Masonic Progress and Initiatives.

In a landmark event, the Freemasons of New Zealand held their Special Communication 2023, orchestrated by the esteemed Grand Master Jim Watt.

This significant assembly unfolded at the Wellington Freemasons Centre on Saturday, November 18, 2023.

Out of the 178 Lodges affiliated, 112 Lodges diligently appointed voting delegates who participated actively, whether in person or virtually via Zoom.

The event extended a warm welcome to all Freemasons, offering accessibility through a comprehensive webinar.

A pivotal moment emerged as twenty-three Remits, meticulously addressing aspects of the Book of Constitution encompassing Communications, Governance, and Masonic Differences and Offences, secured resounding support with substantial majorities.

The agenda featured illuminating presentations on Lodge Trustees and Masonic Insurance/Properties. Additionally, the ceremony witnessed the investiture of a new Grand Treasurer and a Grand Steward, adding a sense of renewal and continuity to the Masonic leadership.

The Grand Master's Reviews, a crucial ongoing initiative, pave the way for further Remits, slated for presentation at the forthcoming Annual Communication in 2024 and the Grand Communication in 2025. The latter coincides with the grand installation ceremony set to unfold in Christchurch.

This Special Communication not only marks a momentous juncture in Masonic affairs but also symbolizes the fraternity's dedication to progression and continual enhancement.


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