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Movements within Freemasonry in Portugal | 1996

Movements within Freemasonry in Portugal

Freemasonry in Portugal has a rich history of different movements and Grand Lodges.

The (United) Grand Orient Lusitano

The oldest Masonic association in Portugal is the (United) Grand Orient Lusitano, led by Grand Master António Arnaut.

A Diverse History of Masonic Movements.

The Emergence of New Grand Lodges

In the late 20th century, the Grand Lodge of Portugal was established in 1986, followed by the emergence of the Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal (GLRP) five years later, under the guidance of the Grand National Lodge of France. It's worth noting that Álvaro Carva follows the Anglo-Saxon philosophy.

In December 1996, a tumultuous event known as the "Assault on Casa do Sino," the headquarters of GLRP, resulted in another split, dividing the regular Portuguese Masonry into the Legal Grand Lodge of Portugal/GLRP (GLLP-GLRP), Grand Lodge of Portugal (the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Portugal) (GLNP) and GLRP.

From GLRP, several Lodges and members departed in 2000 to found the Grand National Lodge of Portugal - (GLNP) which is a regular obedience – as well as to Continental regularity.

The Grand Lodge of France's Female Grand Lodge created the Female Grand Lodge of Portugal in 1997.

In 2004, the Legal Grand Lodge of Portugal/GLRP experienced another split, resulting in the formation of the Traditional Grand Lodge Portugal, which is a mixed-gender organization.

The emergence of new obediences is not unique to Portugal, but generally, those that do not succeed in the European space tend to last only two or three years.

A Grand Lodge is not internationally recognized when it contradicts Masonic principles and lacks justification for creating a new structure.

At the European level, there exists the Confederation of United Grand Lodges of Europe, which promotes Masonic unity similar to the 'political union' advocated by the 'European Union.'

It represents a form of continental corporatism in which GLNP actively participates.

@ A. R., in, Jornal P.J.

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