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Alain Graesel Inspires at GLDF Conference in Lyon

Alain Graesel Delivers Captivating Lecture to Grande Loge de France in Lyon

On Thursday, the brothers of the 22 lodges of the Grande Loge de France (GLDF) in the Lyon region hosted a public conference featuring Alain Graesel, former Grand Master and President of the International Confederation of United Grand Lodges, which unites around thirty obediences worldwide.

With over 250 attendees, including many young people, the grand temple of the obedience in Villeurbanne was filled to capacity.

Alain Graesel began by recounting the history of Freemasonry in Europe and France, tracing its roots from the early lodges of builders in Scotland, Ireland, and England, through the first Grande Loge de France established in 1728, and into the 18th and 19th centuries, leading up to modern and contemporary Freemasonry.

Graesel emphasized that the Freemasonry of the GLDF, which includes both believers and non-believers, is neither a political party, an ideology, nor a religion.

He then outlined the values of the GLDF, a universal traditional initiatory obedience founded on fraternity, offering its members a dual focus on reflection and action.

This approach is humanistic in its values and spiritual in its quest, rejecting the purely materialistic view of contemporary society that reduces human beings to merely economic or political dimensions.

The lecture sparked numerous questions from the audience, which Graesel answered with precision and often with humor, underscoring that the approach of the GLDF is one of serious research coupled with convivial fraternity.


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