The power of silence is often ignored in our "modern" society | João Pavão | Grand Master of GLNP

Atualizado: 25 de Set de 2020

Constatamos este texto na página do Facebook do Muito Respeitável Grão-Mestre João Pavão. Um pensamento sobre a ciência e os tempos actuais. Pelo valor da sua reflexão individual, publicamos o seu texto.

" The power of silence is often ignored in our "modern" society | João Pavão | Grand Master of GLNP

The silence is also in itself a powerful value.

In science this value is completely ignored by the politicians who are running the Science and very poor and week "scientists" that pair with them.

That's why there are so many publications about everything and nothing at all, that are payed and make a business running. The business of editors and not the business of science, because there is no such thing as business and science mixed together. They just don't mix. Whenever there are science there is no business. After the science the business may, and should come in, so to recover the investment in science. Not before, or the science will be contaminated. In this case with veborrhea disease, the break of silence.

But no. This is not what is happening nowadays. Everything is mixed together and the pressure to publish, to "produce", even if you don't have any "product", to break the silence even you don't have anything to tell, is huge. With this atitude everyone with a job related to science and has money to publish, publishes! Can you just imagine the power of this error in terms of science?

And worse than that, the science ranks are measured by this publications. With this type of government who are our scientists today and who will they be in the future?

Should they talk (publish) to much just because they have to, in the sake of their carriers?

Or should they work a lot and only publish when they have something to say about some new (even small) step that will improve the knowledge? An universal "EUREKA" moment...

Happily and clearly there are some good and very good scientists in the world. And their are being measured on the same level as the others, that just have money to publish and a political pressure to do so.

This has just came to my mind because with a huge pile of science works that are being published all the time, everyday, here we are facing a very hard worldwide health crisis, without ready answers from science.

The overload of weak science publications causes a false security in the society, the idea that the menaces like the black plague are things of the past...well they are not!

Clearly there is not enough money invested in real science. We should invest more in serious science, BUT that will be only possible to do just after recover the power of silence, of humility, of seriousness, of hardworking, so the money really goes where it is needed."

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