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The history of Conejo Valley Lodge #807

The history of Conejo Valley Lodge #807 would bit be complete without a short history of the Lodge building itself. It all started in June, 1930, when Mrs. Estella Erbes and Mrs. Pearle Taylor asked the Reverend Leonard Elver of Moorpark to assist them in reorganizing and re-establishing the church services in this area.

This was the real beginning of the Thousand Oaks Community Church.

It was formally organized on Decemeber 31, 1930 with Reverend Elver, the founding pastor.

A building fund was started and the church was incorporated on September 21, 1932.

It was strictly a non-denominational church and held it’s meetings at Conejo School until the county district attorney ruled religious services could no longer be held in a school.

The congregation then held it’s meetings in the Hudnall Warehouse, later owned by H.L. Hall.

This warehouse was across the street and about a hundred yards west of our current lodge building.

After many individual contributions and a few fundraisers, the church building was dedicated on May 22, 1938.

A new building fund was then started to build a church annex for a Sunday school and for social functions. Both the church and annex were completed by volunteer labor from the members of the congregation.

Total cost for the church building and the annex including the cost of the lots and the furnishings was $6,665.00. Through the years, the community and church grew.

The church became the Methodist Church and in 1961, it was decided they would purchase property on Janss Road. Now was the time for the newly formed Masonic Lodge to make a very important decision.

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