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Grand Stewards at Investiture: The Crimson Apron of Masonic Tradition

The Meaning and Significance of the Grand Stewards' Crimson Apron.

Grand Lodge Investiture: New Board of Grand Stewards Announced

The Grand Lodge Investiture held today saw the announcement of the new board of Grand Stewards.

This prestigious position is reserved for members of the qualifying lodges who have shown exceptional dedication and service to the fraternity.

The crimson (AKA Red) Apron of Grand Steward is a symbol of honour and prestige, and is only bestowed upon members of the qualifying lodges who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to the principles of the order.

Each of the 19 qualifying lodges has a special history associated with it, and today's Investiture paid homage to this rich heritage.

The new board of Grand Stewards will be responsible for upholding the traditions and values of the fraternity, and will work tirelessly to ensure that the principles of brotherhood, charity, and truth are upheld by all members. With their dedication and commitment, the future of the fraternity is in good hands.

The Investiture was attended by members of the fraternity from around the world, and was a celebration of the values and principles that unite them.

The event was a reminder of the rich history and heritage of the fraternity, and of the important role that it plays in promoting brotherhood and unity around the world.

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