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Gisele Torres shares her story of surviving abuse with Diana Chaves

Surviving abuse: Gisele Torres shares her story

Diana Chaves and Gisele Torres engage in a heartfelt conversation about a life-altering event that took place when Gisele was just 11 years old.

Although her father was perceived as the kindest person in the world by everyone else, Gisele's decision to run away from home sparked suspicions about what could be happening to her.

Once her family discovered the abuse, they shielded her from harm, and her father was ultimately found guilty.

Gisele now shares her story as a woman, convinced that speaking out about abuse will lead to the creation of more laws and the incarceration of more perpetrators.

Breaking the silence: Gisele Torres speaks out about child sexual abuse.

This account by Gisele Torres is a powerful message of courage and determination to break the silence around child sexual abuse.

Unfortunately, many abuse victims are not heard or believed when they come forward to report abuse. Gisele's case highlights the importance of protecting and supporting victims, as well as the importance of holding abusers accountable.

We hope that her story can help inspire other survivors to speak out and report abuse, and that it can encourage real changes in law and culture to better protect our children.

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