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Freemasonry - Lodge Trimurty, No.294

Freemasonry - Lodge Trimurty, No.294

Today, Lodge Trimurty, No.294, Nagpur donated 68 Brand New Tablets to Girl Students of Dadibai Deshmukh Hindu Mulinchi Shala, a school managed by Stree Shikshan prasarak Sanstha as part of the E-Learning Project. This is the first lot of donations where 68 girl students are benefited.

Present on the occasion were W.Bro.P.R.A.Naidu, WM, V.W.Bro.Tarun Shrivastava, W.Bro.Dr.Arun Chaturvedi, W.Bro.Tarun Mehra, W.Bro.Prashant Padhye, W.Bro.Sumantra Dutta, W.Bro.Naveen Jha, Bro.Kishore Naik.

The program was conducted by Shri.Sablewar. Mr.Ravindra Fadnavis, President of the Society along with Mr.Vinod Ghate, Vice President were prominently present. The students along with their parents thank the Lodge for the generous donation.

We plan for another minimum 132 numbers as soon as we receive them from the company we have placed order.


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