2020 International Grand Lecturers Convention | New York

2020 International Grand Lecturers Convention

Registration & Welcome Dinner, Was A Rip Roaring Success on Friday January 20, Thanks to Our Most Worshipful Grand Master

M:.W:. Bill Sardone, Grand Secretary

R:.W:. Richard Schulz, Grand Lecturer

R:.W:. Richard C. Friedman, Metro South Regional Assistant Lecturer

R:.W:. Stewart C. Mccloud, Convention Committee

R:.W:. Donald Mattson, R:.W:. George Filippidis.

A special Thanks to R:.W:. Paul Reitz

For Hosting such a delightful dinner the food and service was impeccable.

But the toast of the evening was being with our Brother's who traveled from afar to attend this convention. It's Always a pleasure to see & be with Our, M:.E:. Edmund Harrison P.G.G.H.P, Everyone had a wonderful time.

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