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Unveiling the Cosmic Wisdom in Brother Louis Goaziou's Work

Our Work in the Craft of Freemasonry" - Reflections by Very Illustrious Brother Louis Goaziou, 33rd Degree

Published Date: 9/27/2018

Is the primary aim of Universal Freemasonry to assist all Masons in their quest for more Light, thereby advancing the entirety of humanity?

Introducing an Historic Reflection: Our Response to a Timeless Masonic Discourse.

Having recently encountered the original text penned by Brother Louis Goaziou, a 33rd Degree Mason, we were struck by its enduring historical significance. In light of its profound value, we have chosen to craft this brief news article to revisit and reflect upon Brother Goaziou's insightful discourse.

I have frequently been asked to identify the activities in which our Lodges and the Federation could engage. The best response, I believe, starts with what they should not do and then delineates the genuine work ahead of us.

Neither our Lodges nor our Federation should participate in dogmatic creeds or partisan politics.

Each individual member must be free to make their own determinations on these subjects. An organization that prescribes its members' beliefs in matters of creed or politics ceases to be Masonic.

The sole purpose of our Lodges and Federation should be to support members in their pursuit of further Light in all Masonic subjects and all matters pertaining to the welfare and progress of humanity.

Each member must formulate their own beliefs and course of action based on the Light they have received.

The Lodge room is a place of orderly procedure. Members should apply the lessons learned in the Lodge to the Profane world wherever possible.

Masonry is a way of life to be applied both outside and within the Lodge room.

If the millions of influential men who have joined Masonic Lodges throughout the country had become true initiates rather than mere members and had practiced in their private, social, and political lives the teachings and ideals of Masonry, we would not now be facing the sad and perilous state of affairs that threatens our nation's rational progress.

There is no comparison between the average Mason in government positions today and those great Masons who, a little over a hundred years ago, made a free United States possible.

To the extent that members of the Co-Masonic Order understand what Masonry truly represents and what Masons should embody, and strive to live in accordance with the simple tenets of our rituals, our Order's value will increase, serving as an example and catalyst for the Masculine Fraternity.

To the same extent, fraternal recognition and cooperation will be expedited.

Every individual member of our Federation should seize the opportunities offered to us as citizens of the United States and apply Masonic ethics and ideals to public and semi-public matters, as well as private affairs.

If every initiate makes a concerted effort to incorporate the practical and systematic order of the Lodge room and the spiritual teachings of the ritual into all aspects of life, the results would be not only beneficial to the individual but also to the community at large.

In all its teachings, Masonry cautions us against utopias. It does not advocate building castles in the air but rather on the firm ground of practical realities.

Masonry instructs us to master ourselves, a task we can and must undertake to succeed. We are here to transform ourselves from rough stones into polished Ashlars.

In our enthusiasm, we may desire to change the entire human society, as there are many aspects we find unsatisfactory.

We may have boundless dreams and idealistic aspirations, but we must recognize that our means of action are quite limited. Our own individuality is the only domain over which we possess authority and influence.

Before we embark on addressing collective issues over which we can only exert indirect influence, we must scrutinize our own conscience. We should lay bare our personal rough Ashlar and examine it thoroughly. It is upon this rough Ashlar that we must work if we aspire to advance in the Royal Art.

The kingly power promised to us pertains to mastery over ourselves. We should only aspire to master something greater when we have achieved complete self-mastery.

The world will heed our command when we ourselves have learned to obey the rules governing our own characters.

No soul enters life without a purpose and a mission. However, many never seem to discover why they are here, simply drifting through existence as if they were mere pawns in the game of life.

Insurance companies inform us that over sixty percent of people are quitters. Men and women initiate projects and join organizations, but six out of ten will fail to follow through with their intentions.

The greatest achievement in life is to envision who you wish to become or what you aspire to accomplish, and then apply all your abilities to become the person you envisioned or to complete the task you set out to achieve.

Many among us have dedicated years to pioneer work in the International Co-Masonic Order, successfully overcoming prejudices and obstacles to enable women to access the benefits of initiation into the Masonic Fraternity.

Today, the path is less arduous than in the past, but there are still obstacles to surmount. Let each of us exemplify the four out of every ten who possess unwavering determination.

Let us be the individuals who persevere to the end and achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves, refining our personal rough Ashlars while contributing to a larger.



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