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Prince Hall Master Mason Certificate: A Testament to Brotherhood

Prince Hall Master Mason Certificate - A Symbolic Testament to Brotherhood

In the hallowed annals of Masonic history, the Prince Hall Master Mason certificate holds a place of profound significance.

This particular certificate, a testament to the rich tradition of Freemasonry, was bestowed upon Peter B. C. Brown, Jr. by Trinity Lodge, No. 18, on the auspicious day of May 2, 1964.

Intricate Details

Emblazoned with symbols of esoteric wisdom, the certificate bears the imprints of Trinity Lodge's commitment to fostering brotherhood and enlightenment.

The meticulous craftsmanship reflects the sacred nature of the Masonic rites, underscoring the gravity of the recipient's journey to Master Masonry.

Worshipful Mastery

The authority of Trinity Lodge is palpable in the signatures of its Worshipful Master, Willie L. Crice, and Secretary, Charlie C. Harvey, Jr.

Their names etched in ink serve as a solemn endorsement, affirming the candidate's proficiency in the Masonic arts and dedication to the principles upheld by the fraternity.

Temporal Capsule

Dated May 2, 1964, this certificate encapsulates a moment in time when Peter B. C. Brown, Jr. was formally acknowledged for his proficiency in the Masonic craft.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the document serves as a temporal capsule, allowing us to traverse the corridors of history and witness the acknowledgment of a worthy adept.

Legacy of Trinity Lodge, No. 18

Trinity Lodge, No. 18, stands as a pillar in the edifice of Freemasonry, and this certificate echoes its commitment to imparting sacred knowledge and fostering camaraderie among brethren.

The Lodge's influence is not merely confined to the parchment; it reverberates through the ages, a beacon of light guiding seekers of enlightenment.

The Prince Hall Master Mason certificate, a fusion of artistic elegance and symbolic profundity, encapsulates the essence of Freemasonry. It is more than a document; it is a testament to the unbroken chain of brotherhood, wisdom, and tradition that transcends time.

As we behold this certificate, we are reminded of the enduring legacy of Trinity Lodge, the sacred journey of Peter B. C. Brown, Jr., and the timeless ideals that bind Masons in a shared pursuit of enlightenment.


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