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The Narcissistic Father

The Narcissistic Father

Once upon a time, there was a man named Alexander who was a true narcissist.

He was obsessed with his own appearance and accomplishments, often boasting about them to anyone who would listen.

Alexander had three children, but he saw them as extensions of himself rather than as separate individuals.

Whenever his children accomplished something, Alexander would take credit for it and use their achievements to boost his own ego.

He would tell everyone about how his genes were responsible for their success, and how he had raised them to be so exceptional.

His children felt like they were never good enough on their own, that they only had value insofar as they reflected well on their father.

Alexander was also very critical of his children, constantly pointing out their flaws and belittling them in front of others.

He would tell his friends about how disappointed he was in his children's grades or athletic abilities, making them feel ashamed and worthless.

As they grew older, Alexander's children began to distance themselves from him.

They resented the way he had treated them as objects rather than as people, and they were tired of never being able to live up to his impossibly high standards.

Alexander couldn't understand why his children no longer wanted to be around him, but he never stopped to consider that his own behavior might be the problem.

In the end, Alexander was left alone with his own reflection, unable to see beyond his own narcissism. His children went on to live fulfilling lives, free from the weight of their father's ego.

They learned that true happiness comes from within, not from external validation or the approval of others.


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