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Masonic Island

Masonic Island is a seven acre site on Lake Metigoshe in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. It was originally named Park Island. In 1904, the island was owned by Bro. V.J. Noble, who was a member of Tuscan Lodge #44 of North Dakota.

With a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of North Dakota, and the permission of Bro. Noble, the island was cleared in 1906 for the purpose of holding outdoor Masonic conferrals of degrees. Tuscan Lodge was joined by Westhope Lodge #74 for conferrals of three Master Mason Degrees that year.

The events were such a success that rituals were held annually for six consecutive years. When Bro. Noble died, Masons became interested in reviving the conferral of rituals on the island. On November 28, 1933, the Probate Court authorized the sale of the island with a deed to the North Dakota Masonic Foundation for the sum of $277.25. At the landing dock is a flight of winding concrete stairs consisting of three, five, and seven steps that rise to the representation of a Lodge Room.

The significance of the steps might be explained to you if you have a Masonic guide. An altar and officers’ chairs were constructed of “beach stones” and mortared cement. Other amenities were added over the years to accommodate the island’s use by Royal Arch Masons, Eastern Star, and other appendant and concordant bodies.

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