The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry (Part 4): How Freemasonry Is Intertwined With Fascism & Nazism

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Freemasonry - The Veiled Threat of Freemasonry (Part 4): How Freemasonry Is Intertwined With Fascism & Nazism

Historically acclaimed books like The Third Reich – A New History by Michael Burleigh detail when, how, why and in what horrible fashion was Freemasonry victimized by Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich. Equally, the U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum has devoted a section to the Nazi persecution of Freemasonry.

In Germany, shortly after World War 1 there had apparently emerged two types of German Masonic lodges: The Humanitarian and the Old Prussian.

Notably, the vast majority and most persecuted Freemason’s by the Nazi’s were and remain, the “Humanitarian.” There is something positive to be said about the Humanitarian Mason having dared to operate within concentration camps because of the strong will and desire of its members to maintain the Masonic Order and principles cherished by them.

Masonic sources state the first known Masonic Lodge to exist within the walls of a Nazi concentrations camp was the Lodge Liberte Cherie or Beloved Liberty Lodge — started by seven Belgian Freemasons, on November 15, 1943, inside Hut 6 of Esterwegen Concentration Camp.

The original seven Freemasons that were members of this Lodge were Paul Hanson, Luc Somerhausen, Jean De Schrijver, Jean Sugg, Henri Story, Amedee Miclotte, Franz Rochat and Guy Hannecart. These men also initiated, passed and raised Brother Fernand Erauw whom was also a Belgian. Paul Hanson was the Master of the Lodge. Only Somerhausen and Erauw survived their detention to tell of this.

Another defiant Masonic Lodge was reported to be L’Obstinee that was located inside the walls of a Nazi prisoner of war camp called Oflag, which was located near Hamburg, Germany. Captured soldiers that were members of the Grand Orient Lodge of Belgium founded L’Obstinee.

For the most part, when people view Freemasonry being intertwined with Nazism it is limited to their persecution with descriptions of Mason’s forced to wear a Red Triangle or Double Red Star of David denoting they were political prisoners in Hitler’s concentration camps

For years, disenfranchised Mason’s would complain the reason they left Freemasonry is because of the hypocrisy, telling me how the Nazi victimization of Freemasonry is a manipulated and managed perception orchestrated to conceal from its own Masonic membership that at the highest level of Freemasonry there exist the secret Masonic lodges that are conspiratorially intertwined with Nazism/Fascism, to this day. Their claims are declared conspiracy theory, go unsupported, by the Masons I had asked if this could even be remotely true.

In conducting my own due diligence, I came to discover that certain Old Prussian Masonic orders that were Anti-Semitic and seemingly collaborated with the Nazi’s. In as much as, there exists a wartime diary penned by SS Standartenführer Egon Ollenhauer that was hidden away and safeguarded by an 1,100 year old German Masonic lodge for over half a century.

SS Standartenführer Egon Ollenhauer was the link between senior SS officers and local aristocrats, whose mission it was to hide Nazi treasure from the advancing Russian Army at the end of World War 2. This SS Officer’s penned diary detailed lists of each of the eleven Nazi treasure caches and their hidden locations.

One listed cache contained 28 tons of gold from the Breslau branch of the Reichsbank. Other locations contain gold coins, jewelry and other valuables deposited by wealthy people in Wrocław to the local Nazi police for safekeeping. Much of these valuables are possibly criminally incriminating, the plundered heirlooms of Holocaust victims.

Amongst the caches listed in the diary are the Nazi looted works of art by Botticelli, Rubens, Cezanne, Carravagio, Monet, Dürer, Raffael and Rembrandt — 47 works of art that are of international importance.

In the company of all this pirated loot are irreplaceable religious artifacts gathered by Himmler’s Ahnenerbe in their attempt to find evidence for Hitler’s racial theories. These are irreplaceable sacral artifacts from around the world.

The Nazi treasure diary is now kept by the foundation Schlesische Brücke (Silesian Bridge), which was set up by a businessman, Darius Franz — given this diary by 1,100-year-old Prussian Quedlinburger Lodge, in Germany.

This hand-written diary is authenticated by five institutions in Germany, including the Department of Art History at the University of Göttingen, reports journalist, Darius Franz Dziewiatek, who broke the story of how this diary was sequestered in the Quedlinburger Masonic lodge.

Dziewiatek reported he became aware of the war diary by Roman Furmaniak, who represents the 1,100-year-old Prussian Freemasonry Lodge from Quedlinburger, Germany.

Furmaniak is quoted as having stated “We are releasing information about the diary now as we wanted to wait until all persons connected to the events and the diary had passed away, particularly officers of the Waffen SS. This was the wish of the Quedlinburger lodge.”

Discovery of the diary at the end of World War 2 would have been a priceless find for those involved in the investigation and prosecution of War Crimes by the Waffen SS.

Logically, the Quedlinburger Masonic lodge not only willfully obstructed justice but also empowered Nazi War criminals. Enabled them to possibly return to plunder the treasure hidden by them by which to finance their own as well as other Nazi war criminals flight from justice.

This Diary may help exonerate the Catholic Church and provide another answer to the age old question, how was it possible for a large number of undesirable Nazi’s fresh from the battlefield or having served in concentrations camps be able to bribe officials, purchase expensive passage and resettle comfortably in far away places (i.e. Argentina, Uruguay, South Jersey, USA, etc.)? The mass resettlement of war criminals is well documented by John Loftus and Mark Aarons book The Secret War Against The Jews, St. Martins Press.

The detractors of Freemasonry suggest that by the Quedlinburger Masonic lodge having granted SS Standartenführer Egon Ollenhauer and his fellow Nazi Officers of the Waffen SS Masonic protection from prosecution that they allege Mason’s provide for each other, this is substantive proof that Nazism exist in Freemasonry, as well.

However, the motive for the Quedlinburger Lodge’s concealing the existence of the Diary and its contents from authorities could all boil down to being a matter of greed and self-preservation — waiting on the statute of limitations to run out on their having sacked over the years the hidden Nazi caches, enriching Freemasonry or them.

While inspired possibly by Albert Pike’s KKK, Hitler and the Nazi Party promoted the view Freemasonry is part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

Notably, embracing the Machiavellian strategy “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” Hitler looked to The Vatican, as it explicitly forbids Masonic membership with the consequence being excommunication from the Church.

In addition, surpassing commonality in Churches rejection of Freemasonry is the Churches history in persecuting the Jews. Beginning with the Knights Templar Crusaders that in the name of Christianity reputedly murdered entire Jewish settlements throughout Europe on their way to Jerusalem, at the height of the Crusades.

In ingratiating himself Adolph Hitler made possible The Vatican’s independent nation status and financial solvency, rescuing the Vatican from near bankruptcy with over $1.2 billion paid to it by Hitler’s Third Reich.

The Vatican in its defense reports Adolf Hitler, being an Austrian and Catholic, fooled the church into believing he would keep his representations of goodwill to the Church but by the time the Pope and the members of the Curia realized that he was a wolf in sheep skin, Pope Pacelli was placed in the invidious position to risk the mistreatment of Catholics in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Nazi occupied Countries by openly accusing Hitler and his regime or stay quite.

It is alleged by the critics of the Vatican and his former Holy See, Pope Pacelli, that with the collapse of Hitler’s Third Reich and being complicit in the murder of 200,000 Freemasons, that this motivated the Vatican to aid and abet the Nazi’s escape from justice. The Vatican denies this allegation.

Notably, the Vatican’s alleged role in the Nazi murder and imprisonment of Freemasonry brethren is said to be how the existence of secret Fascist Masonic lodges, like Propaganda 2, had ended up being discovered. Compromised in their orchestrating a plot with P2 banker, Roberto Calvi, to bankrupt the Vatican Bank.

It is inescapable that the vast majority of Freemasonry on a global scale amounts to being patriotic well-intentioned Humanitarian based fraternal lodges with secrets.

Conversely, however, in light of the Propaganda 2 lodge scandal, there assuredly exist power elite clandestine Masonic lodges with secret Fascist agendas.

Without any doubt the Quedlinburger lodge became intertwined with Nazism in a conspiratorial fashion by protecting SS Standartenführer Egon Ollenhauer and his fellow Nazi’s.

Given this is in keeping with the Masonry principle of obligatory protection that Mason’s allegedly provide for each other, this proves in Freemasonry there can exist Fascism and Nazism. At least, so allege the majority of detractors of Freemasonry who state further, that with the power elite being members of Freemasonry lodges shrouded in secrecy, the knowledge of kept from their own brethren, this proves the epitome of Freemasonry is Fascism, and the epitome of Fascism is, Nazism.

An overreaching argument to say the least but one, that unfortunately, cant be disproven in light of police discovery of Italy’s Propaganda 2 Masonic lodge planning a coup to replace the Italian Republic with a Fascist regime.