ICOM 2019 | In English

On the initiative of the Grand Lodge of France, and especially the Past Venerable Master of the Research Lodge "Marquis de la Fayette", Louis TREBUCHET, and with the support of the Foundation "Fraternity and Humanism", ICOM 2019, the 2nd edition of the International Meeting of Masonic History will be held in Bordeaux on 7, 8 and 9 June 2019. ICOM aims to bring together some of the most eminent members of Research Lodges from around the world and a wide audience of Freemasons and knowledgeable laymen, to look into the culture of the origins and history of Freemasonry. The 1st edition, ICOM 2017, which took place in Toulon, was a huge success: the quality of the content and the general atmosphere of those three days of meetings, the large number of participants, the quality of French and foreign personalities present, the media impact that it generated, could not remain without a repeat. The 2nd edition, ICOM 2019, will take place in BORDEAUX, emblematic port in the history of Scottish Masonry, which the Americans consider the source of their masonry, from June 7 to 9, on the dockside from which Etienne MORIN departed 1762. "Bordeaux and the New World ... a shared story" will be the central theme of these meetings. In the presence of the highest authorities of Obediences of both French and foreign Jurisdictions, thirty eight historians will come to exchange, in the context of conferences and round tables, with the Brothers and Sisters of all Obediences together as well with the interested uninitiated. Among the speakers there are prominent French researchers ; members of the IMF (Roger DACHEZ), the GLFF (Françoise MOREILLON, Florence MOTHE …), GODF (Pierre MOLLIER, Cécile REVAUGER, André KERVELLA …), FIDH (Nicole DESGRANGES, Christine ROUX, Dominique SEGALEN …), GLNF (Yves HIVERT-MESSECA, David TAILLADES…), GLAMF (Jean-Philippe BERNARD, Christian MERMET…), the SCDF (Jean-Louis DESVAUD, Jean-Pierre THOMAS…), the GLDF (Louis TREBUCHET, Jean-Jacques ZAMBROWSKI, Vianney RASSART …), and from ASPOMA (Maurice BORSA…). And researchers coming from all over the world: John ACASTER, John BELTON and Ric BERMAN (members of « Quatuor Coronati Lodge », UGLE), Oscar ALLEYNE (GL of New York), Lucio ARTINI (Italy), Robert BASHFORD (Ireland), Klaus BETTAG (Germany), Christophe CALAME (Alpina Research Group), John COOPER, Sébastien TAVEAU and Georges VIEUX (GL of California), Brent MORRIS (Scottish Rite Research Society, USA), Arturo De HOYOS (Grand Archivist – Scottish Rite(SJ) – USA), Henry MACKELBERT (Hon. Grand Commander of the Suprême Conseil De Belgique), Iain MCINTOSH (GL of Scotland), Neil MORSE (Past President of the Australia and New Zealand Masonic Research Council), Keith SCHUCHARD (Georgia, USA), Prof. Susan SOMMERS (USA), Terry TILTON (Secretary of the Philaletes Society), Joseph WAGES (Texas)… And non-mason researchers: Anne-Marie MERSCH (masonic historian)… All the presentations will benefit from simultaneous translation in all three lecture rooms. A Dinner of Lights on Saturday evening and a historical reenactment (in period costumes) of the banquet preceding the departure of Etienne Morin for the Americas on Sunday noon, will be highlights of these exceptional days. Around these spaces will be large areas devoted variously to the exhibition of objects and remarkable works from the Museum-Archives-Library of the GLDF, a book fair with meetings of authors, and naturally a wine counter ... of Bordeaux, of course. Everything is done so that these times of meeting will be moments of sharing, of meeting with others normally scattered across the world, with the greatest respect for our diversities, to provide sources of mutual enrichment. We look forward to welcoming you in Bordeaux next June. DETAILED PROGRAM AND REGISTRATION https://www.icom.fm For the Steering Committee : Maxime BOUGUEMAZI Jean-Manuel RENIER Philippe SCHNEIDER Louis TREBUCHET