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Uplifting Address at 14th International Convention of Le Droit Humain: Nurturing Universal Brotherho

14th International Convention of Le Droit Humain Highlights Universal Brotherhood and Initiatory Values.

In an emotional address delivered at the 14th International Convention of Le Droit Humain, the Grand Master articulated the significance of the event as a platform for diverse individuals from different Orients to come together in the spirit of universal brotherhood.

Reflecting on the Order's founding principles, the Grand Master emphasized the vision of a fraternity unbound by religious, ethnic, or national identities, focusing solely on shared humanity.

The Grand Master reiterated the initiatory nature of the Order, especially emphasizing the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite as the conduit for unity among members of various faiths, beliefs, and philosophies.

Stressing the non-deistic nature of the Order, the Grand Master noted that belief in God or a Supreme Being is not a prerequisite for membership, highlighting the Order's commitment to freedom of conscience.

The Grand Master urged members to actively work towards realizing the values embodied in the motto "Liberty-Equality-Fraternity," fostering social justice and human dignity both within Freemasonry and the larger world.

He underscored the importance of lodges in achieving this mission, cautioning against undue haste in pursuing Higher Degrees and emphasizing the initiatory growth process.

Addressing the internal dynamics of the Order, the Grand Master acknowledged the variation in growth rates among different Orients, emphasizing the need for lodges to engage with modern issues to thrive.

He encouraged continued exchanges and dialogues among members, facilitating understanding and shared perspectives.

The Grand Master praised the efforts of the Supreme Council in addressing the Constitution, highlighting the essential role played by the International Committee in amending and streamlining the text. Additionally, he announced plans to characterize each of the 33 degrees of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in a new edition, enhancing the understanding of the Order's symbolic teachings.

As his mandate came to an end, the Grand Master expressed gratitude for the enriching experiences and learning opportunities during his tenure.

He encouraged all members to pursue the unrelenting search for truth and love, the guiding principles of Masonic work.

The 14th International Convention of Le Droit Humain served as a testament to the enduring commitment to universal brotherhood and initiatory values that define the Order's journey toward a more just and fraternal world.

Les Salons de l’Aveyron, Paris from 16 to 20 May 2012

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