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Trinity Lodge, No. 18: Officers' Snapshot (c. 1966)

Trinity Lodge, No. 18, Officers' Photograph (c. 1966)

Step back in time with this captivating photograph of Trinity Lodge, No. 18's officers, captured around 1966.

The image features prominent figures in the lodge, with Senior Deacon Peter B. C. Brown, Jr. taking his place second from the right.

Among the distinguished officers are Senior Warden Ephriam S. Sweatt (fourth from the left), Worshipful Master John L. Johnson (sixth from the left), Past Worshipful Master Willie L. Crice (seventh from the left), and Junior Warden Richard N. Hickman (eighth from the left).

This snapshot not only commemorates a moment in the lodge's history but also pays tribute to the leadership that has contributed to Trinity Lodge's rich legacy in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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