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Remarkable Celebration at the Sovereign College of Indiana Banquet

Celebrating a Remarkable Evening at the Sovereign College of Indiana Banquet

Unveiling the Wisdom of Masonic Leadership

Indianapolis, Indiana - October 27, 2023

On October 27, 2023, the Sovereign College of Indiana had the honor of hosting two prominent figures in Freemasonry, SMC Owen Vermeulen and PR Eric Vermeulen, at their prestigious annual banquet.

This significant event brought together Freemasons from across the state of Indiana and beyond, providing a unique opportunity for reflection, knowledge sharing, and the celebration of Masonic brotherhood.

During the event, SMC Owen Vermeulen and PR Eric Vermeulen shared their remarkable insights and experiences, emphasizing the importance of Masonic principles and their role in communities worldwide.

Their inspiring words resonated deeply with those in attendance, further strengthening the commitment to the fundamental values of Freemasonry.

The Sovereign College of Indiana is dedicated to promoting the personal and spiritual development of its members and making a positive contribution to society.

This annual event is just one example of the organization's ongoing commitment to providing a space for intellectual and moral growth.

For those who were unable to attend, the Sovereign College of Indiana has made available a video featuring the speeches of SMC Owen Vermeulen and PR Eric Vermeulen.

This video offers a unique opportunity to hear the inspiring words of these distinguished Masonic leaders, who continue to inspire and influence the Masonic community worldwide.

Watch the full video and delve into the wealth of knowledge shared by these illustrious Freemasons.

Access the video [here]


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