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Jean Dumonteil: Illuminating Freemasonry Through Literature

Prominent Figure in Freemasonry, Jean Dumonteil, Releases New Works

In the realm of Freemasonry, the "Cahiers de L'Alliance" holds a significant place as a renowned publication, and its dynamic editorial director, our esteemed brother Jean Dumonteil, remains a respected figure. Not only does he helm the "Cahiers," but he also serves as the Worshipful Master of the National Research Lodge of L'Alliance, where he actively fosters research activities within this Masonic obedience.

It is worth noting that Jean Dumonteil is also an accomplished essayist and lecturer, drawing inspiration from the "Post-scriptum" that punctuates each issue of the "Cahiers."

In 2020, he published "La France des possibles" with Fayard, featuring a preface by Erik Orsenna, the pseudonym of Éric Arnoult, a member of the French Academy.

Additionally, Jean Dumonteil manages a personal blog entitled "Sentiment océanique," where he shares his insights on spiritual intelligence and the life of the mind. This blog can be accessed at Sentiment océanique Blog Link.

This year, he has also released two significant works. The first, titled "Que la force le soutienne et l'achève," has been published by Numérilivre in the prestigious collection "Le franc-maçon dans le Temple," under the editorship of Pierre Pelle Le Croisa. The second book is "Sentiment océanique-Lettres à un frère."

The "Cahiers de L'Alliance" represent a valuable source of reflection and debate within Freemasonry, and their director, Jean Dumonteil, continues to play a pivotal role in promoting Masonic research and spiritual intelligence.

Furthermore, Grand Master of L'Alliance, our beloved brother Fred Picavet, raises fundamental questions about the nature of Freemasonry, especially the Anglo-Saxon variant. He characterizes it as in decline and sometimes compares it to fast food compared to a certain continental Freemasonry, which he likens to gourmet cuisine.

If you are eager to explore the "Cahiers de L'Alliance" further, you can find them on Numérilivre by following this link.

Additionally, you are invited to visit the page of ÉOSPHOROS from the GL-AMF, where you will discover Masonic ritual objects, decorations, and books, often offered with appealing promotions.

This page is accessible at ÉOSPHOROS.

Freemasonry continues to be a vibrant and evolving institution, with figures like Jean Dumonteil contributing significantly to its intellectual and spiritual richness.

The "Cahiers de L'Alliance" remain a source of enlightenment and inquiry for Masons worldwide, while the reflections of Grand Master Fred Picavet challenge us to contemplate the essence of Freemasonry in our modern era.


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