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Installation Ceremony Marks New Leadership at Ribble Lodge No 4558

David Assumes the Chair for the First Time at Ribble Lodge No 4558

During the 800th meeting of Ribble Lodge No 4558, a significant event unfolded as David Forrest was formally installed as the 93rd master of the lodge.

The ceremony took place with the distinguished presence of Deputy Provincial Grand Master Philip Gunning and Assistant Provincial Grand Master David Winder, accompanied by various eminent figures from the fraternity.

The meeting commenced with the routine administrative matters before transitioning into the third-degree ritual.

The Worshipful Master, Mark Dunn, extended a warm welcome to the evening's principal guests, Philip Gunning and David Winder.

Philip expressed gratitude for the reception and conveyed his confidence in the upcoming ceremony.

As part of the installation proceedings, Master Mason David Forrest was presented to the installing master, Mark Dunn, by Geoff Saul.

After highlighting the responsibilities of a master, Mark conducted the installation ceremony with precision and finesse, leaving a lasting impression on all present.

The presentation of the working tools for the third, second, and first degrees was carried out with excellence by David Pemberton, Simon Wright, and John Whitehead, respectively.

Following the installation, David Forrest received words of address from Mark Dunn.

He was then tasked with appointing and investing his officers, with Simon Wright assuming the role of senior warden and Mike Cowsley as junior warden.

The respective duties of the wardens were explained by Derek Thompson. Terry Turley addressed the wardens, while John Rimmer addressed the deacons, each delivering their speeches in commendable fashion.

The ceremony's culmination featured an address to the brethren by the principal guest, Philip Gunning.

He conveyed the congratulations and best wishes of Provincial Grand Master Tony Harrison, commending the well-executed installation and the dedication of all involved in the ceremony.

In a further gesture, David Forrest presented a letter to Philip, outlining the lodge's charitable contributions for the year.

These amounted to £420 in support of the West Lancashire Freemasons' Charity and £300 for the Masonic Charity Fund, aligning with the upcoming tercentenary celebrations.

Closing the day's proceedings, David Winder honored Mark with a past master's jewel in recognition of his extensive efforts during his tenure as master.

Mark's leadership had overseen multiple degree ceremonies, including three second-degree rituals, during his term.

Pictured from left to right, are: David Thomas, Bill Nelson, Steve Bolton, David Winder, Philip Gunning, David Forrest, Michael Greenhalgh, Mark Dunn, John Dowsett, Geoff Saul and Mike Cowsley

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