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Grand Master Mason Dr Joseph J Morrow Charts New Course for Scottish Freemasonry

Scottish Freemasonry's New Era Unveiled by Grand Master Mason Dr Joseph J Morrow

In a momentous transition, Brother Dr Joseph J Morrow has assumed the esteemed position of Grand Master Mason, succeeding his predecessor.

The official installation ceremony, held this afternoon, served as the platform for Brother Morrow to reveal his visionary plans for the future of Scottish Freemasonry.

Paying tribute to the noteworthy accomplishments of his forerunner, Brother Morrow emphasized the imperative for transformative growth within the Scottish Constitution.

He articulated a vision that calls for increased engagement between Scottish Freemasons and their local communities, intending to foster a more active role in civic affairs.

Distinguished figures, including the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Robert Aldridge, Lord Dean of Guild, Alan Robertson, and Jock Miller, Deacon Convener of the Incorporated Trades of Edinburgh, were present at the celebratory dinner that followed the installation.


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