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Exploring the Wisdom: The French Rite Freemasonry's Profound Insights

Exploring Wisdom and Liberation: The Essence of Freemasonry.

The Grand Chapter of the French Rite, Supreme Council of the Modern Rite, introduces the inaugural edition of "The Wisdom Chronicles."

This collective work embodies the thoughtful reflections of GCRF members and the outcomes of the Autumn University 2022.

The focal point of the research was "The Freemason: A Free Man or Liberated?" It delved into the teachings of the rituals from the 4 Orders of Wisdom within the French Rite.

These rituals, often considered timeless, continue to provide valuable insights for Freemasons on their quest for Truth. The 4 Orders have demonstrated remarkable relevance in our contemporary world, making them an essential foundation for the modern Masonic journey.

The Grand Chapter of the French Rite (G.C.R.F.) has a unique history, originating from the turbulence within the Grande Loge Nationale Française. Emerging as a response to the challenges faced, the G.C.R.F. brings together members of L'Alliance and the Grande Loge Indépendante de France (GLIF).

Supreme Commander Vincent Amat is at the helm of the Supreme Council of Grades of Wisdom of the French Rite.

He presents an introduction titled "Why The Wisdom Chronicles?" marking the impending 10th anniversary of the Grand Chapter in 2024.

Amat envisions these Chronicles as a shared resource, catering not only to GCRF members but also to Freemasons engaging in the journey of Wisdom.

The Chronicles are structured to align with Masonic progression. Members are encouraged to explore sections relevant to their degree, fostering an environment of inclusivity and camaraderie.

Patrick Gilles, Very Wise and Puissant Grand Venerable (VW and PGV) of the Academy of the 5th Order, signs the introduction to the Autumn University 2022 Meeting.

These works aim to enrich Masonic scholarship and discussions. François Xavier Tassel, Grand Orator of the G.C.R.F., contributes valuable insights into the sources and organization of the rite, providing context for the intricate layers of the French Rite.

"The Wisdom Chronicles" unfold the theme "The Freemason: A Free Man or Liberated?"

Each degree, from the Secret Elected to the Rose-Croix, is examined within its philosophical context.

The Chronicle invites readers to engage with the profound questions of individual liberty and spiritual liberation.

This publication carries the essence of the French Rite, bridging the past and present.

The French Rite, once emerging as the Rite of the French, now stands as a symbol of purity within the Masonic realm.

As we embrace these Chronicles, the G.C.R.F. extends an invitation to the broader Masonic community to explore and share in the pursuit of wisdom and liberation.


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