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Celebrating Mark Twain: A Literary Luminary and Freemason

Remembering Mark Twain: A Literary Icon and Freemason

On November 30, 1835, the world welcomed Samuel Clemens, who would later become widely known as Mark Twain.

Celebrated for his masterful contributions to literature, particularly in humor and satire, Twain's impact extended beyond his literary prowess.

A prominent figure in journalism and social spheres, Mark Twain was not only a wordsmith but also an engaged member of the community.

Among his affiliations, he held membership in the Polar Star Lodge No.79 in Saint Louis, a testament to his connection with Freemasonry.

As we commemorate the birth anniversary of this literary giant, let us reflect on the enduring legacy of Mark Twain, whose works and influence continue to resonate with readers around the globe.

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