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In Memory of Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)

In Memory of Leonard Cohen (1934-2016)

The first Yahrzeit (anniversary of the passing) of Leonard Cohen, one of the greatest Jewish poet-songwriters of the 20th century, will be observed on November 7th 2017.

As a tribute to his legacy, here is one of his most famous songs, Hallelujah, with the Hebrew lyrics of Psalm 150 which is recited daily in Jewish prayer. May the memory of Leonard Cohen be for an eternal blessing.

Hallelu El b’kodsho, Halleluhu birkia uzo.

Halleluhu vig’vurotav, Halleluhu k’rov gudlo.

Halleluhu b’teika shofar, Halleluhu b’nevel v’khinor.

Halleluhu b’tof u-mahol, Halleluhu b’minim v’ugav.

Halleluhu b’tziltz’lei shama, Halleluhu b’tziltz’lei tru’ah.

Kol ha-n’shamah t’hallel Yah – Halleluyah!

Praise God in the sanctuary; praise God in the powerful heavens.

Praise God for the mighty acts; praise God for infinite greatness.

Praise God with shofar calls; praise God with harp and lyre.

Praise God with drum and dance; praise God with flute and strings. Praise God with crashing cymbals; praise God with resounding cymbals.

Let all that breathes praise Adonai – Halleluyah! [Psalm 150]

Cantor Azi Schwartz of Park Avenue Synagogue Arrangement: Raymond Goldstein Music

Director: Colin Fowler Cello: Alexander Scheirele Production Manager: Gil Smuskowitz Recording engineer and audio editing: Doug Yoel Video production: WIWU Productions From "Moments of Awe, Music of the High Holidays", 2017


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