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TikTok Takes Action Against #LeggingLegs Trend Amid Body Image Concerns

In late January, a concerning trend emerged on TikTok, as users began popularizing the hashtag #LeggingLegs, showcasing slim bodies deemed most desirable for leggings.

The National Alliance for Eating Disorders, in collaboration with social media companies like TikTok, Meta, and Pinterest, swiftly addressed the issue.

A hotline volunteer received a call alerting them to the trend, prompting the organization to flag it to TikTok.

Within a day, TikTok responded by banning the hashtag and redirecting users to the alliance's hotline and other supportive resources.

This incident sheds light on the ongoing battle between social media platforms and harmful content. While TikTok took action against #LeggingLegs, experts express concerns about similar content fueled by social media algorithms, highlighting the challenges in regulating and controlling such content online.

The struggle underscores the broader impact of social media on body image and mental health, prompting discussions about the need for effective content moderation and user protection measures.


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