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Submission Guidelines for Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity


First and foremost, we express our gratitude for your interest in contributing articles to the Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity.

Since its inception, the Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity has upheld a reputation for being an enlightening and informative publication, offering profound insights into the world of Freemasonry.

We greatly appreciate your willingness to be a part of this endeavor.

We are dedicated to building upon the rich history and success of this publication, with a vision to reach Freemasons worldwide by leveraging internet communications and modern publishing technologies.

It's essential to emphasize that while we embrace cutting-edge technology for our magazine's publication and employ contemporary design techniques, our core focus remains firmly rooted in delivering Masonic knowledge. The wisdom we share is as relevant today as it was when Freemasonry was first conceived.

Publication Schedule

The magazine (online) will adopt a monthly publication schedule, exclusively in digital format, and will be available to our readers free of charge.

To support the costs associated with running the publication, we will feature commercial advertisements.

For our valued contributors who have previously submitted articles on a quarterly basis, you may continue to do so. If you have three articles to submit quarterly, we will consider featuring one article each month.

Generally, we do not have strict publishing deadlines unless your article is time-sensitive. In such cases, we kindly request that you contact our editorial team in advance so that suitable preparations can be made.

Submission Guidelines


We are actively seeking well-researched and educational Masonic articles, including:

  • Contemporary perspectives on classical Masonic philosophy, rituals, or membership aspects.

  • Innovative approaches to membership, mentoring, or lodge management.

  • Articles exploring spiritual, symbolic, and skill-based Masonic knowledge.

  • Contributions that you believe will captivate Freemasons, whether they are new to the fraternity or seasoned members.


Written Articles: Please submit articles in plain text format, as our publishing platform will apply style templates to enhance the presentation.

Images: When providing images with your articles, ensure that you include the source. If the images are sourced from the internet, please provide the corresponding web link.

All images will be credited to the photographers for their work, along with copyright notices.

We will resize images to a width of 2048 pixels, so extremely high-resolution or RAW images are not required. PNG or JPG files are preferred, or HEIC if using an iPhone.

Audio Format: We welcome audio articles, which can be submitted as mp3 files or linked to a podcast platform.

Video Format: Articles in video format are also encouraged and can be submitted as mp4 files or linked to a video hosting platform.


Initially, we request that all articles be submitted in English. However, if you have a specific article in a non-English language, we will consider it.

Our intention is to utilize machine translation tools to make these articles accessible to a broader audience.

Article Length

Unlike printed publications, we are not constrained by pagination limits, so the length of your article is not a technical concern. Nevertheless, authors should consider the attention span of our readers.

Author's Bio

Each article will include a brief author's bio, featuring a color photograph, a short introduction, their Masonic credentials, and optional links to their social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and their personal website.


Each issue of the new digital magazine falls under the collective copyright of the Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity. Authors and photographers retain all rights to their individual work.

By submitting articles, authors grant the Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity the first publication rights. If an article, in part or in full, has been previously published elsewhere or is planned for publication elsewhere within 12 months, we request that you disclose this information with your submission.

This does not necessarily preclude publication; it simply allows for informed decisions.

Please do not submit articles or photographs that are copyrighted by others without first informing us and obtaining written permissions to use such work in the Masonic Press Agency - My Fraternity. If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask.

Where to Send

Kindly email your articles or article synopses to

We extend our heartfelt thanks, and we eagerly anticipate receiving your contributions.


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