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Revolutionizing Freemasonry Communication: Michelle Worvell's Innovative Approach

Michelle Worvell: Transforming Freemasonry Communication and Outreach.

Michelle Worvell's innovative approach to communication and marketing is opening up Freemasonry to a wider audience in the UK.

Michelle Worvell, the Director of Communications and Marketing at the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE), has an approach of looking inwards, meaning that she is not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to opening up Freemasonry to a wider audience.

She has been working to change negative perceptions of the organisation, spread positive stories, and improve communication between members.

When she oversaw an Open House event at Freemasons’ Hall in September 2019, she took a practical approach to make the event more family-friendly and attracted more visitors.

She wants to cement positive perceptions of Freemasonry, even among younger people. Michelle's background is in the insurance and financial industries, and she was intrigued by the opportunity to work at UGLE, knowing little about Freemasonry.

She saw an opportunity to convey positive messages proactively and recognised that there was little coverage in the press.

She rebuilt her team, promoted internally, and recruited externally to expand the department's capabilities.

Michelle has used several assets, including the work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF), the Freemasonry Today magazine, the Museum of Freemasonry, and the relationships some of the Provinces have established with local newspapers, to successfully leverage the connections with the local communities.

She has also organised forums to share best practices with communication officers from other Provinces.


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