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Prince Hall's Message of Solidarity in Selma, Alabama Video

Prince Hall Brothers Send Message of Solidarity and Support in Selma, Alabama Video

In the historic city of Selma, Alabama, respected members of the Masonic community gathered to send a powerful message of solidarity, joy, and support to all Masons listening. Led by the brothers of the Prince Hall, a significant video was produced to express their commitment to unity, fraternity, and progress.

This Prince Hall Grand Lodge, with a long and proud history, has been a beacon of shared values and mutual support. Its presence and influence not only in Masonry but also in the community at large are undeniable.

In this stirring video, the Prince Hall brothers shared a song of solidarity with members of their Grand Lodge and the entire local community. They emphasized the importance of fraternity, mutual respect, and service to the community as fundamental values that everyone should embrace.

This gesture demonstrates Prince Hall's ongoing commitment to promoting harmony and progress in all areas of life.

The Prince Hall brothers invited all members of the Masonic community and beyond to join them in this spirit of fraternity and cooperation. They reiterated their commitment to working together to build a better and fairer future for all.

This inspiring video is a powerful reminder of the vital role that Masonry plays in promoting unity, understanding, and well-being in our communities.


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