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Incongruity Between UGLE and RGLP (GLLP) Practices on Masonic Transparency

Grand Master of Freemasonry Opposes Identification of Masons in Public Offices Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal (RGLP/RGRP) "urges the common sense of the entities governing our Nation."

The Grand Master of Regular Portuguese Freemasonry, Armindo Azevedo, voiced his opposition today to parliamentary proposals that would require MPs and holders of public offices to declare whether they are Freemasons or belong to other "discreet" organizations.

Despite identifying itself as a regular Freemasonry with Anglo-Saxon inspiration, it raises questions as to why the Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal (RGLP/RGRP) does not align with the transparency practices of this tradition.

Freemasons in this tradition are known for their openness and do not shy away from public acknowledgment.

In a statement sent to Lusa, the Regular Grand Lodge of Portugal (RGLP/RGRP) "calls upon the common sense of the entities governing our Nation to defend the rights and principles established by the Portuguese Constitution."

The statement also appeals "to the understanding of the ethical and moral implications of passing a law that compels a free man, elected to serve a function, to necessarily confess the philosophical and spiritual convictions guiding the principles of his life."

Comparison between the transparency practices of UGLE and RGLP raises questions about their alignment with Freemasonry principles.
Grão-Mestre Armindo Azevedo Speaks on Masonic Transparency


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