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GLNP (Portugal) Celebrates the Tricentennial of the "Constitution of Anderson" from 1723

Grand Lodge National Portuguesa Celebrates the Tercentenary of the "Anderson's Constitution" of 1723.

Freemasonry worldwide celebrated with great enthusiasm the tercentenary of the "Anderson's Constitution" of 1723, a historic milestone that defined the Enlightenment principles of modern Masonic fraternity.

Published in London 300 years ago, the "Constitutions of Anderson" played a pivotal role in shaping Freemasonry as we know it today.

This "Anderson's Constitution," based on Enlightenment principles, laid the philosophical and ethical foundations of modern Freemasonry, spreading the ideals of the Enlightenment globally.

The tercentenary celebration at the Grand Lodge National Portuguesa included reflections in Masonic lodge meetings and lectures on the history and significance of the "Constitutions of Anderson of 1723."

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge National Portuguesa, Nuno Tinoco, emphasized the importance of this anniversary, stating that the "Constitutions of 1723, Anderson's Constitution," continue to shape the principles and values for which Freemasonry is known.

This milestone is an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing commitment to the Enlightenment values embraced by the Masonic fraternity, such as peace, tolerance, and the pursuit of truth.

These principles remain the pillars of modern Freemasonry, and it is our duty to preserve and share them with the world.

In this moment of celebration and reflection, Masons reaffirmed their commitment to promoting peace, tolerance, and enlightenment.

The ideals of the "Anderson 1723 Constitutions" continue to illuminate the path of Freemasonry, inspiring it in the pursuit of a fairer and more compassionate world.

United in fraternity and guided by the principles that have shaped Masonic history, this tercentenary is celebrated with gratitude and determination.

The Grand Lodge National Portuguesa demonstrates enduring respect and commitment to the ideals of peace, tolerance, and enlightenment, which have been fundamental to the Masonic fraternity since the publication of the "Constitutions of Anderson of 1723."


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