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Fraternal Elegance Unveiled: 'From Head to Foot' Regalia Exhibition Transcends Time

Fraternal Fashion Flashback: Unveiling a Spectacle of Color and Tradition

Step into the Past with 'From Head to Foot: Fraternal Regalia Illustrations' Exhibition

In a Kaleidoscope of Colors

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through time as the enchanting world of fraternal regalia comes to life in our latest exhibition, "From Head to Foot: Fraternal Regalia Illustrations."

Opening its doors from July 24, 2023, to July 26, 2024, this showcase transports enthusiasts and history aficionados alike to the golden era of the 1800s and 1900s when the sale of regalia and costumes to fraternal groups emerged as a thriving industry.

The Captivating Industry Tale

At the heart of this captivating story are the Cincinnati Regalia Company (1895-1998) of Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Ihling Bros.

Everard Company (1869-1995) of Kalamazoo, Michigan. These regalia pioneers, alongside others, transformed the business of outfitting fraternal groups into a kaleidoscopic enterprise, leaving an indelible mark on the history of regalia craftsmanship.

Visual Feast of Catalogs

Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of richly illustrated catalogs and vibrant advertising materials that were meticulously designed to showcase the plethora of costumes and uniforms manufactured during this era.

The exhibition unveils posters, displays, and illustrations that served as the visual gateway for these regalia companies to captivate consumers between 1900 and 1970.

Beyond Black and White

The role of black-and-white catalogs takes center stage, featuring an array of items from head to foot: hats, shoulder braids, jackets, pants, robes, tights, and shoes.

These catalogs, displayed in their monochromatic glory, were the lifeline for fraternal groups, serving as the conduit through which they ordered uniforms and regalia for an array of activities, from meetings to parades.

Artistry in Advertising

Step into the exquisite realm of advertisements, where artwork created specifically for reproduction in catalogs took on a life of its own. While catalogs were practical in black and white, colorful illustrations like those on display were sent directly to customers.

These captivating visuals served as a vibrant palette, offering a kaleidoscope of color and design variations beyond the confines of traditional catalog images.

A Tapestry of Tradition

"Fraternal Fashion Flashback" invites you to unravel the intricacies of a bygone era where regalia and camaraderie interwove into a rich tapestry of symbolism and tradition.

Explore the dynamic world of fraternal regalia and witness the convergence of fashion, history, and a sense of belonging in a spectacle that transcends time.

Don't Miss the Unveiling

Mark your calendars for a journey into the heart of fraternal fashion.

"From Head to Foot: Fraternal Regalia Illustrations" promises a sensory feast of color, history, and tradition, beckoning you to explore the dynamic visual language of fraternal regalia that continues to resonate through the corridors of time.


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